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Finally have my Android phone updated

I remember I had a conversation with Mark around two weeks to a month ago. It was about a special feature of my new car that I have never used while I can, Android Auto. My mom has the same model of car as I do. The problem is that, she does not have an android phone, instead, she has a iPhone. As you might can see by its name, this special feature requires an android phone to work. Yay for me. However, I have never used it even I have an android phone. It was because my phone did not meet the requirement to use the app. It needs android version 5.0 +. And I had 4.4.4.

When I told my excuse to Mark, he questioned me, “would you delay the graphic updates of your computer?” It was a very good question. And I have my answer immediately, like within 0.000000001 second, “NO!!” It must be strange to hear a young adult from the 21st century say that phone is not a important object. But this is me. I could not agree more that it is an essential tech of daily basis. I use it for calls, emails, keep track on my schedule and calendar. This is it. As long as I have a phone that can provide me the functions listed above, which basically every smart phone has these features, I will be fine. Generally, we don’t have to do any  maintenance or upgrades to keep it working. This is why I barely mess with my phone’s firmware. Because I will still have access of these functions even if I do not do anything.

Unlike smart phone, personal computer needs more attention and cares to keep it functioning. For instance, if I do not upgrade my graphic card on time, there may be some game or software I cannot use when it releases. Because of its diverse use of purpose, such as documenting, video editing, business, and gaming, the combination of software or driver in a computer is complex. This is why I always have it up to date.

Till today, I finally upgrade my android to 5.1.1.. It is actually easier than I thought. Since my device is Samsung Galaxy S4 from T-mobile, I am not able to upgrade my phone to 5.0+ directly by using its self-check system. I will have to root or jailbreak my phone, then install a custom ROM, an unofficial system. It sounds so complicated and specialized, isn’t it? In fact, there are websites and software to help people to do all these nerdy steps with just one click of your mouse. All I needed is a custom ROM I selected and downloaded online, then store it to my phone’s SD card storage, and just let it run. DONE!

I think this update will stop me from thinking to buy a iPhone for awhile. I have been thinking about this option. On the one hand, my S4 is two generations old. And I bought myself a Macbook air about half an year ago. So why don’t I just have everything stay at the same product brand? On the other hand, I do not really want to send money on a phone, not yet. I am just not desperate enough to spend 700 bucks on something unnecessary.


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