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First Blog ever~~~~

Today is May 29,2016. Although it is somewhat pointless to state the date here since the blog will show the date by itself, it is still quite a important date to mention. Because Today is the day I decide to start a blog. I have been trying to do something like this for a while. In fact, ever since I was in high school, this thought had stuck in my head. From time to time, I have started a diary or something to write. I just did not have the heart to keep it going. I wanted to write just because I wanted to. It was completely an emotional decision. I guess this is why it did not work out so well.

However, I believe I can keep it up longer this time, because I started this blog with a purpose, to improve my English writing skill. It is an essential skill if I want to attend graduate school. I am currently a Junior undergraduate. I only have a year left to improve my writing. As far as everybody told me, I will have a very difficult time to reach the level. It really put me down, especially the comment came from my significant person. Hopefully, with the following year of effort, I will have a significant improvement of my writing skill.





This is quite a big step and challenge for me. It is shame that I have never read so much a day. As a student in America, I read and write occasionally. But I do not do it everyday.  I only do it when there is an assignment required me to.

Anyway, this is all I want to say. The next post should be posted in a day or two. Lastly, WISH MYSELF THE BEST TO KEEP THIS COMMITMENT!!


6 thoughts on “First Blog ever~~~~

  1. What a great idea! I am sure that by writing in your blog and interacting with your audience your English skills will improve. Your first post was well written and easy to understand. I look forward to reading more.

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  2. I think you already did a great job by starting to improve yourself! It can only get harder from now on, but as long as you don’t forget why you’re doing this, you can do it. You have me full support. 🙂

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  3. Eric, I’m new to blogging as well and have been wanting to start one since high school just like you! I think that you’ve set a great goal for yourself, had a strong first post, and I’ll be using it as inspiration to keep making content for my own blog.

    Best of luck with your blog,

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    1. Thank you for the support. I have looked at your site too. It has great design and looks very professional. I assume all of those are your own work. Good job on that. The material inside gives me inspiration when I need something like that in the future as well.


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