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Little time before bed

It is  two to three hours away from my first post. I am actually kinda bored right now. It is 10 at night. This is the time I usually sleep if I have to work at the morning next day. When I say morning, I mean 5 or 6 am in the morning. It is indeed super early, but work is work. I have no choice. If I do not have work next day morning, I would just stay awake and play game. But the thing is, I am not quite in the mood right now.

I started to explore different free themes from wordpress.com. At first, my dream theme would be something related to Laputa, a castle in the sky from an anime. I used a picture of Laputa as my logo and headline image. It looked great until I messed with different background color. I am really not a artist. My sense of color matching is horrible. It looked cheap after I changed the background color.After I had explored other’s blog and given a little thought about the theme, I found that the more simple it is, the better. I do not need my blog looks too fancy or complicated since I will less likely to have many image in my posts. Therefore, I just simply use light blue color as my background color and have my font black and white.



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