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Work: Exhausted yet rewarding

Whenever I am the one closing of the night, the day always ends faster than usual. Perhaps it is because I am actually working. This is a kind of illusion everyone has once a while, that time is going too slow. Oppositely, we are working too slow. In other words, we are not making the time worth.

I am not trying to be a smart-ass or something. I have my moments too, where the only thing I want to do is nothing. The only thought I have is “screw it”. But in general, I want to make my time worth. Moving around is better than sitting still for 8 hours. People just do not get it. If we are going to stay in the store for 8 hours anyway, why don’t we just do something instead of do nothing or intentionally delay the progress? The most popular answer may be, “they don’t pay me enough.” And that may be true. However, it should not become our excuse of our laziness.

Although the world is not fair in general, like someone born within a rich family whereas someone born in a slum, the opportunities are always there for the ones prepared.Instead of they got what they paid for, we earn what we worked for is a more logical way to think about this. How would they know if you worth that much when you do not even bother to represent or appeal yourself? Sure, they probably do not even care. They may just want someone there to work for them. Then all the hard work means nothing. That is not quite true. We learned and gained something when we actually did it. That’s what experience means, which is also what your future employer looking for. Let’s take a step back. We are the party B on a contract after all, meaning that we are always the lower class people in the hierarchy. There is no point to fight for what we didn’t do while we are supposed to do.

Nonetheless, I only have two to three years of working experience. The opinion above may seems naive to those has been working for their entire life. However, this is my current philosophy on work. Who knows what I will think in the future? All I know is that, of this moment, this is the truth for me.




Featureed image from https://pixabay.com/en/work-workers-men-face-silhouette-384745/


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