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Digital Receipt from CVS

That’s right. Digital receipt is available in CVS. I thought it is a news when I first saw the announcement from Jimmy Kimmel Live, one of my favorite show. Well, it isn’t. This announcement released a week ago. Once again prove that, I am not a person always follows news.

Anyway, speaking of digital receipt, this is actually a pretty good idea. CVS is not the only one has this problem. Every retail store has this problem, in my opinion. Somehow, a receipt could go to 5 foot long even when there are not many item purchased. This is just ridiculous compared to where I come from, Hong Kong. The receipt I got in my hometown would only show  what was purchased, possibly a small line states how many bonus point you get. That is it. Whereas, American receipt contains all kinds of ads, points earned, etc.

It is time to run business like one from 21st century. Digital receipt could come in very handy along the apps it uses. Everyone could setup an account. Points and purchase records should be separated in the app, like the balance and statement shown in our bank account.

More importantly, it reduces the risk of being exposed to thermal paper, which contains a toxic chemical. According to U.S. News Health,

“Researchers discovered that people working a two-hour shift at a cash register saw their BPA levels increase three to five times from handling the receipts, according to the research letter published in the Feb. 26 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Unfairly, high BPA level does more harm to females and their babies,

“BPA can mimic the female hormone estrogen, and concerns have been raised about its effects on unborn babies and young children. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned its use in sippy cups, baby bottles and infant formula packaging.”

I did not know how bad receipt paper could do to people, until now. Business should really consider to use digital receipt as their primary way to get out receipt. It is not only protect the employees, or customer they care about. It also can decrease expenses of it.




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