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My reaction to transgender bathroom

Transgender bathroom has became a really big topic in the States recently. To be honest, I have never met or known someone who is transgender person.I am not sure what my true reaction would be when I first meet and know someone who is. Perhaps a little curiosity at first, then I will just walk away. However, I consider myself has an open mind to this particular group of people.

Although related laws regarding transgender bathroom has been there for a long time, it got caught up attention after President Obama brought it up. I guess it is just not a topic that people will think of it very often and take it seriously, unless you know someone around you. When I first listened about this topic on radio, it got me to think what it would happen if a guy claimed his psychologically gender identity as his opposition and use that as an excuse to enter female bathroom. It could be a problem or breach opened to those have unusual or excessive sexual impulse.

A few moment later, I feel sympathy of them from a different perspective. I am a immigrated Asian American citizen. Although I do not have this transgender issue, my personal life somehow relates to their situation, which is all because of my race. Certainly, because of this melting pot I am living in, the challenge I face is nothing compare to transgenders as a minority group. At least, I have many people just like me, as an Asian, help me through the emotional crisis. This is what this group of people lack the most, the supports from people around them.

Perhaps the only thing I can do is to pray, hope for the time heals and changes the discrimination from society.


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