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When VRMMORPG comes true….

This is my day off. I am free to do anything. It is good and not so good when the boredom comes to me, because I do not know what to do. Eventually, I watched a movie from 2009. It calls Surrogates. The movie is about a society where human are able to transmit their neural signal to a robot, and use it as an extension to live and feel the world.

First off, the summary really caught my attention. It is actually something I have always dream of. It extends the meaning of visual reality to real life instead of the cyber world, or what we called the VRMMORPG. The first source I heard of this term was from an Japanese anime called the Sword Art Online. It is such a innovative method to experience a game. You cannot image how fascinating it is to gamers or nerds like me.

However, after I watched this movie, I have suppressed my excitement quite a bit. Its ending really got me to think how far we should go for this visual reality technology. As now a day, visual reality technology is only limited to the use of headset as our sensory input. It may need another ten years or so to get to the level where we are able to connect ourselves into a cyber grid.

This field is just like the tree of knowledge in Christian theology. It is tempting yet dangerous. Once we have this technology, it may fast forward the development in neuro-computer science, and maybe other fields like biology, economy, business, astrology. Yet, it is built upon computer programming codes after all, meaning that it is hack-able. There is nothing will threaten our life if our computer got hacked. Worst case scenario might be your identity got stolen, or all of your personal files exposed or destroyed. Whereas, it is fatal if our brain got hacked. I think there is no much we can do. It is not like we can alter our brain signal. No matter how many firewalls exist between our brain and the network, it is still something I do not want to take the risk on. But like I said, it is really intriguing.


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