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Achievement- checked & My Dad

This is the seventh post of this blog. It means that I have been blogging for a week already. How exciting it is!!!! In the first post, I planned to post every two days. But now, I am posting everyday. I have done more than I expected. I really want to share some thoughts here.

For those have been posting for days, months, or even years, my little achievement may mean nothing. I am just started after all. It is actually kind of hard to post everyday, especially when I am not used to do this. In general, I love to write and share thoughts. However, there are times when I do not know what to write about. Therefore, I can only find topics to write by watching movies, or news.

I would like to share my daily life too. The thing is that my life is not always full of excitement. In fact, I’d like to be someone who enjoy the moment only, and have a stable and peaceful life without any tremendous change. To be honest, I do not really have a life goal. I know where I want to go, but never have a clear image. I do not feel ashamed about it. As a twenty-ish year old young men, maybe I should be ashamed. But I just do not have something I eager to do.

This is where I admire my dad so much. He is about fifty-three year old now. And he just started to chase for another dream. The passion he has is so admirable. In his whole life, he had been failed couples times, went through bankrupcy, moved to other country,.and restarted his business again. Finally, he owned a advertising and printing company, and earned enough money to buy his own office and house. However, at his age of fifty, he made a shocking decision, that he abandoned everything he had and started a restaurant business. He loves it a lot, although it is the toughest and most complicated business because of the competition with the big shots around him, the human resource problem in the kitchen, and the long open hours, etc. He is doing this all by himself and his wife. And he tells me it is all worth it when it is something he wants. I give him a salute every time I think of it. He is just such a model.


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