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I Like to Watch TV series <3

I have been a TV shows freak for a long time. My preference of gene changes over time. Sometimes, I prefer to watch Chinese paladin drama, Korean love drama, or American Sci-fi/ mystery drama. In this few months, I have obsessed with American mystery drama, like Warehouse 13, The Librarian, etc. The reason why I use the word obsess, is that I will use all my time to watch all the seasons and episodes at once. In general, I only need two to three days to finish one season. It is my habit somehow develops based upon my impatient. I tend to wait for the whole series end, and then watch it once for all. I hate the feeling that having to wait for a week for only one episode. That is just torturing.

I remembered it was my coworker recommended Warehouse 13 to me, because I always like the mysterious element TV shows have. For example, Warehouse 13 is about a house of agents hunt for artifacts that contains magical power. The story surrounded by different kind of increditable ancient objects. The warehouse itself is very much like the Doraemon, one of my favorite anime, except they are magical item. I highly recommended to watch it or maybe introduce to your children. It is really not a educational or inspiring anime. However, it really enriches your childhood. The next show after is Eureka, which is completely a Doraemon story to me. Every object in the story has its science explanation. So far, I have finished the first season, and I couldn’t wait for the following.


4 thoughts on “I Like to Watch TV series <3

  1. Glee!! that is a good one. I have never watched the others tho. Have you watched How I met Your Mother? I’am just curious. Cuz it sounds like you may like it.


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