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Bond or not to bond

Relationship is the connection or bond with people around you. It is the most fundamental element in a society, like what we fit in. There are many kinds of relationships, like parents, siblings, friends, husband/wife, or boss.We all play our role in a family, community, and organization. Meanwhile, it is the most complicated thing that we have been working on of our life time.

It is difficult to have a perfect balance on a scale and justify how much it is enough when interacting with people. Even if it is a family, there are challenges and barriers that create a gap between family members. For example, the differences of how a decision being made by a father and a son. The father may prefer a more practical or realistic decision while the son likes to go for a more broad and conceptual path. Argument between both occurs. Both insist their opinion or decision. Eventually, they separate and do not talk to one another for decades.  What we are talking here is just a simple example that possibly happens in a family, or between someone we love the most and closest. It may has a completely different result by the way of how we approach.After I heard a friend of mine talked about the long distance relationship with his girlfriend, he made a conclusion that, it (the relationship) was lovely, and full of happiness. Yet, the pain and struggle take a bigger part of it. No matter how much he loves her, it is still something cant be ignored.

Therefore, someone will choose to not to have one with others when he has choices. He always enjoys the loneliness. He can put himself all together and have a clear thought of himself, discovering what he wants or find something he is interested. He hates it when someone take too much of his time. It does not mean that he does not like to interact with people. He just finds more energy within himself. Some people might say it is unhealthy. But why or how? Does he hurt anyone or himself? Being alone does not mean he is doing nothing. He can direct his energy to something more productive in work, or just simply work out in gym to keep himself in a good shape. The point is how his spiritual world (peace, dark, etc) looks like, what his meaning of life is, and more importantly, what the best survival technique is to him. There is really no a correct answer for that.



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