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Really!!~ I am really not a gamer.

Video game takes a huge part of my life since my age of 12. However, I would never say that I am a gamer. At least, I do not consider myself as a gamer. Before that, let me share my gaming history.

Although I have been using computer since the age of 6, the very first time I get in to gaming is the age of 12. I remember the first game I played is Tale of Pirate. One of my classmate invited me to join him. Since there are not many class work to do, and I have many free time, I ask myself, “why not?” This question leads me to over ten years of trap that I just cannot escape from it. Every time I wanted to quit playing, I would go back to it again within three days. I was just having so much fun with my friend in the game. It was full of wonderful memory of the moments I spent with them. I guess that is the reason why I am still into it so much.

Now you might say, what is it if that is not a gamer? Well, the truth is that, when playing a game, my goal is not really to beat the game, or up level. Indeed, it provides some sort of achievement. However, I will not be very excited about it. It is there. That is all I know. Gamer supposed to be someone who loves game and gains some achievement from it. In my situation, I have more intention to build the social interaction with people in the game. Therefore, the content of the game is not really as important as it is to gamer. All I want is the communication or conversation with people. Perhaps it is because my personality as an introvert, I feel quite comfortable in this form of socialization.


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