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Damn…. I was fat…

When I organize and tardy up the old stuff in my storage room today, I find pictures of me who is 6 years ago and 8 years ago. And I remember that how much weight I gain after a year I move to U.S.. I wouldn’t say I have a healthy diet habit, though, I was way beyond the definition of fat.

I had a considerably general Chinese diet habit before I moved here. At the morning, I usually have cocktail buns, congee, fried bread stick, or macaroni in soup. Something like below:

Our school lunch menu has many selection. I have looked for menu that looks similar to what I had in the past, and this is it.


The dishes look just like those offered in a restaurant.

After I came here, my breakfast menu stayed pretty much the same since I lived near by China town. What kills me the most is the school lunch in U.S.. For those who finished high school a long time ago, let me bring up some picture and hopefully can ring your bell.


The feature of U.S. school lunch is simple, fast, and of cause, unhealthy. First of all, they really look like prisoner plate for me at the first time, although I got used to it as I stay here long enough. I can see what they want to do here. The point is to have a massive lunch meal production. Therefore, it needs to be fast and simple. And as we all know, when food is being made in such way, it ain’t gonna be healthy. Let’s just think of all the fast food. No matter how they labeled themselves as natural or nutrition food, the majority of the cooking method always consists of frying, which makes them fatty and salty. By the way, natural food does not necessarily mean healthy. As long as the ingredient is not produced out of a tub, you can call it natural.

Anyway, thanks for its contribution, I gained weight tremendously in one year. My belly grew from 28 inches to 36 inches. I was not even aware of that until my dad and some of my old friend pointed it out. After that, I brought my own lunch, and my weight dropped back to the normal. I gotta say it feels good to being skinny. I hate the fat me.


2 thoughts on “Damn…. I was fat…

    1. Im pretty sure it is doable. In fact, pasta or noodles themselves does not do much harm of the body. They are whole grain after all. What makes them unhealthy is the source and other ingredients put inside the pasta. Although people think of spaghetti with tomato sauce and meat ball for most of the time, it is not the only recipe. Spinach mixed with white sauce and white mushroom tastes pretty good. Or you can eat them with vegetable soup.


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