Book Reviews

We’re All Damaged

The universe goes around a cycle. Things have its upside and downside. And tomorrow is going to be better. We’re all damaged, written by Mathew Norman, gives the courage and inspiration to readers to move on. In the story, Andrew Carter, aka Andy, has been going through all the crisis at once. He losses his job, his girlfriend, and his grandpa. He is also embarrassed by his mother, Nancy Carter, of her election and the topic she stands for. Of all the sudden, everything around him has changed. He is not able to adapted fast enough to a point where the depression is eating him. However, Andy is getting better and be freed of the things that is taunting him, by the support received from his friends.

Life has not been easy for Andy. What happens to Andy is probably the worst a person can go through. Often, what consumes us the most is the emotional lost. It would the break up with Karen in Andy’s case. It is still okay if he is only losing his job. Not having a meal or a shelter is the worst he could go through. At least, he still has the desire of survival and getting a new job.

However, it is a different story when we loss someone we loved. Till this day, I still have a clear image/ scene of my father, uncles, and aunts cried in front of my grandma’s coffin when it was about to be placed in the grave hole. The grief spreads to the whole scene and affects every one in the sight, including me, someone who personally does not a lot of emotional attachment to my grandma. For days, weeks, and months, my Dad didn’t talk much. More importantly, he didn’t have the motivation to do anything. This is exact what happens to Andy, he thinks and stalks of Karen, which is creepy, yet, pity.

Fortunately, Andy has his significant people to help him to move on. They are Daisy, Karen’s father Jerry.  Daisy has been there for Andy of all time. She is his supporter and listener. She pisses him off and guides him to speak what is in his heart. However, although Jerry is not in the story very often, he is the ice breaker of all things. It was his punch to start a real conversation about Karen and his opinion on Andy, ease the infatuation on Karen. These significant people sometimes play their role without even notice that.

I really lost myself into the book, in a good way. I feel the sympathy of Andy. The title of this book is We’re all damaged. It not only tells us we should move on from our crisis, but also warns us not to use it as an excuse to cause more damage. When we are suffering, we tend to think of ourselves as the only victim, and ignore the feeling of others and cause harm to not only himself, but also others’ body and property. Because of the recklessness, Andy eventually breaks his arm, ruins his face, and even destroys his friend’s truck. This is what makes this book inspiring. It is important to continue our adventure while be warned that we are not the only one having the hardship.



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