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Ashes to ashes and dusts to dust, we come from the dust and return to dust. The origin is what important and meaningful to all of us. That is probably the reason why at the end of the day, simplicity, being simple and natural, is what we are looking for. Well, at least it is for most of us. Apple, the tech company, has built upon this very concept and be succeeded in a very short period of time. I could also say simplicity is the ultimate life style. It does not only apply into business, but also design, cooking, etc.

When we are talking simplicity, people think of babies. However, simplicity should not be categorized to any group of people. From the moment we cried out of the womb, to the moment we learn to speak and walk, imagine the world, develop our self-consciousness, make friends, get a job, form a family, and finally, there is some point in our life we just sick of the complexity or the flourish life, and just want to make everything simple. Sometimes I would say simplicity is the integration of life. Because we have been through enough, which is really a subjective thought, we want to ease ourselves, give ourselves a break.Therefore, it has no limit to any one.

The reason why it becomes something more and more valuable concept to these days is that, the fast growth of human society holds our breathe every second. On our daily life, we have enough trouble to deal with, whether if it is from our family, clients, or the work place. When we are off of the day, we just want everything to be simple yet provides all the function it has. Business knows what their customers looking for and use it as strategy. The field of design reflects the life attitude of the majorities. Housewives want their family healthy so they choose to eat organic food. Although personal preferences are variable from person to person, I have no doubt that people will hate or dislike something that looks clean and simple, no matter you are punk or a Hollywood super star.




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