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Religion, Pleasant yet Scary

Before I start to say anything, please forgive me that I am an atheist, someone lacks belief in god. There is actually no any particular reason of why I lacks belief in god. It is just my nature I guess. Whenever someone says god can do this and god can do that, I just naturally feel a bit of dislike and goosebumps. I will usually try to avoid topic like this with people. Because you know, whenever you get into such argument with someone who really believe what he believes, the end usually go unhappy or even ugly.

However, it does not mean I completely deny his existence. Occasionally, I have my moments, hard times. For instance, when I get nervous before a interview, I will tend to pray to any gods, from the western to eastern, like gods or figures in Buddhism, Shinto, Christian, etc. Shame on me, I am not really a faithful person. However, it does calm my nerve a bit after the pray. This is where I think religion really useful and healthy. It gives a meaning of life for those lost themselves. The idea of being support by someone almighty gives us a boost to deal with whatever it is. The positive energy within us will bounce between individual, create a friendly and energize environment.

Yet, it is not a cool thing when the belief goes to an extreme where the person glorifies his belief so much to a point where finds the need to deny and eliminate other religious belief or group of people. In this two days, the most shocking news on press might be the Orlando nightclub shooting. A thirty-year-old man brutally killed 50 people and injured more than 50 people in a gay club. The person called 911 and pledged ISIS allegiance. The hatred caused these 50 lives taken. Religion is like a brain washer when it deeply implants in mind. People are willing to do whatever it takes and sacrifice for it, even when the action does not seem right or humane at the first place. Sometimes criminals would also take advantage of this and use their believer to work for them, drugs, sex deals, etc.

Of cause, the majority of religion is aiming for the good cause. Therefore, we do not have to worry about it for most of the time. I am not trying to against the existence of all religion, nor that I can as well. We just have to be careful. Even if there is only one holy text for that religion, the interpretation might vary depends on different goals of different churches. Like I said, religion is pleasant, yet, scary sometimes.


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