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What is Luck?

From here to there, we have bad luck. And once it is there, it feels like they usually appear as a chain reaction, one after one, after the next, and so on. Sometimes, I am wondering what luck is. Is it controllable or predictable? Is it a completely random thing? What does it mean to our life?

I remember there was a period of time I was so nervous and stressed because of my first job. The job description of my first job is not really a huge list, nor a complicated one. I was a front desk associate of a restaurant. People come in and order food, sometimes call in for order as well. Simple stuff. However, it is my first job. And I was not confident enough to communicate with people in English. Although I speak English in school and groups, it is kind of different feeling when you speak to a complete stranger. I was always being afraid of making mistake, like place in wrong order. At that period of time, all I want was to have my day end without any chaos.

What I did to wish for luck is by winning a game. If I win it, it means the luck is on my side, therefore, tomorrow is going to be beautiful and peaceful. The game I play is the ARAM mode of League of Legend. One thing about the ARAM mode is that, I don’t get to choose my character to play, it is all random. My logic was, if I can win a game with a random character, I should be fine tomorrow. I know, it sounds stupid. But that was me. Of cause, as I was doing the job long enough, and met enough people, I was not as nervous as first. I am still not quite feel comfortable to talk to stranger. It is part of my nature. I have this feeling even when I speak to someone with my native language. However, it gets better.

Eventually, I noticed there was not really the matter. It was just a rule I set for myself, a non-sense rule. I was doing good even when I lost the game the day before. It is still something random to me. However, it might be possible to lower the chance of having bad luck. I watched a TEDxTaipei yesterday. It is about the key of luck. In the talk, Xuan Liu, the speaker, gives a point that there are three highest correlated factor of luck, self-efficacy, optimism, and metanoia. I think most of the people know what optimism means. Self-efficacy is when you have both the ability and confident to do something. And metanoia is when we take different meaning in different context. I think these three points are pretty reasonable. First of all, optimism could be a way to attract luck because of its positive energy. And majority of people tend to favor positive emotional energy than negative. Metanoia could be used as a way to keep the optimism going. And lastly, self-efficacy, the first rank factor of threes, allows us to seize the opportunity when the luck comes. If we think of it the other way, we have to be able recognize our success to determine the luck. It is less likely called as good luck if we fail, isn’t it?

Yet, luck is still a unpredictable thing to me. There may be a way to gain more luck. However, there is no really a scientific way to test it. After all, it is intangible. The result I shown above was just based on survey of participants, which is why it said the correlated factor instead of related factor, causing factor, or something more solid.  But still, it is still a good thing to be positive on anything. Because you will never know when the chance comes. So, be prepared.


Source of the talk show: (It is spoken in Chinese by the way)




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