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My Poor Car…

Whenever we buy something new, that is the time we cherish them the most. We often even treat them better than our parents or children. It bothers us the entire day when it only has a little scratch. This is what I am feeling right now. When I was car hand-washing  yesterday, I found a little scratch of my new car, which bought approximately five months ago. I suspected it was caused by the shopping carts in parking lot, considering its area of damage. It would be much worse if it was a car hit it.


After I tell this to my friends and ask for suggestion on how to fix it, most of them just suggest me let it go. They all claim that it is normal to leave some history on the car. It is true in general. Yet, it is not the time to leave a mark on it, too early. Like I said, it was only bought five months. It is not even an god damn year. So yeah, please allow me to bother it for a whole day. Of cause, I spoke this to myself only. They tried to help too. In fact, they got a point here, that it is expensive to repaint it if there is a huge amount of area damaged. Fortunately, what I got here might be able to fix it just by some application of touch up paint. I will see how it goes.


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