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Time management

Ever since I was little, like six or eight, I has not been a good time scheduler. People always say time management. That was also a skill my parents tried to help me develop since I was a child, especially when I was eight-year-old. I remember I was in 5th grade.Because of some reason I am not quite remember, my parents setup a studying schedule for me. On the schedule, it stated clearly what time I should wake up, studying particular of subject (Chinese, English, Math, Science, etc,) play and go to bed. Of cause, as a child, I did not have much self-control, well, I still am, I did not follow it after the first day.

The way I preferred is, and has been having a list of what I want to do of the day.  What I found work best for me is that, try to increase the time limit of the stuff I want to do than it usually takes. For instance, if I usually need an hour to do writing, then maybe give myself another half an hour or an hour to do the job. I will be less stressed out, and do better since there is no a wolf chasing behind me. Also, I usually only assign myself two to three things to do a day. My problem is that, I make my schedule too tight. Therefore, I lose motivation once I failed to follow the schedule.

You might said, this is not an efficient way to finish what needs to be done. That is not exactly true. Certainly, it will decrease some sort of efficiency due to its looseness. It means there is no restriction of the task, and requires much more discipline. However, it also increase productivity when I am not stressed. I have more control of my time to finish the task, which increase the quality of the performance. On the other hand, I am able to measure the approximate time needed to finish the task more precisely as I am doing this long enough. If I know I have enough time and able to do more, then I will do the extra, as the bonus.After all, I gotta admit that this method is only suitable for something that is not urgent. It is better to use time schedule for something important.


One thought on “Time management

  1. “Do more by working less.” I can attest to the effectiveness of increasing time limits for tasks. Last week I tried daily planning but failed. Now that I look back, I realize if only I gave myself more time for tasks, I’d be more focused and I’ll actually be able to accomplish more.

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