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Song that touches my heart

Before I say anything, I want to share a video from YouTube. This is a music competition show from Korean. They invite different well-known singer in Korea to compete. (By the way, when I say singer, I mean singer singer, not idol singer. Korean is pretty straight to the difference.) Then, people from public apply through app. The host choose three of them, then the singer choose one of the three to have a duo. Without further ado, show’s on:

For those don’t speak Korean, including me, that’s okay. The topic of this post is actually about songs that we don’t understand its lyrics. All we can do is to listen to its rhythm, note changes, climax and the ending. I can’t wait to share this song to everyone after I listen. I know this song for a long time. Although Taeyang sung this song very well in his original copy, this is a much more shocking version of it. I could say this is the best version of this song. The vibe between two performers gives the song a whole story. it becomes so imagery. I can feel the emotion without knowing what the lyrics says. Side note, I felt quite sorry for them that they didn’t win the competition, after I watched the complete version of the show and episode.

As our civilization grows, we deliver our message in many forms, such as text, picture, numbers, and the most influential one in my opinion, music. Although language is the main way to communicate, it is not the only way. Certainly, there are barriers when two people try to speak different language to one another. Yet, there are researches show that in order to deliver a full meaning of the context, verbal communication plays a very limited part of it. Music, also could count as a type of verbal communication. Yet, it is different than the language we speak. All the feelings and contexts compressed into rhythms, the up and down of tones, in a single sheet of paper. However, the ability to liberate the emotion is what makes the performer different and unique. I guess this is why singing is the easiest skill to learn but hardest to master.


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