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The silly me

Sometimes I am quite sentimental. Once in a while, when I lie on my bed, rest my hand underneath my head, and look at the ceiling, I start to replay my old days in my head. Actually, although I say old days, I am not that old. I am at my twenties. You can probably able to image how my old days are when hear a person who at his twenties speaking of his old day. Indeed, They are silly. There is a memory I cherish the most. I find tons of fun and laugh at myself every time I recall it.

It happened when I was in 6th grade. First of all, unlike American schools, teachers come to classroom instead of students go to a classroom and wait for the teacher. Therefore, there is a short period of time between period, approximately five minutes. In that short time, classmates chat and play with each other.

And myself, I found a quite unique and pointless entertainment. We were still in the age using blackboard as the primary teaching tool. One of its by product is chalk. For some reason, I started to powder chalks with a ruler and put them into a hand-folded paper containment. For sure, it was boring when I did this alone. Therefore, I had a company, a classmate, to play with. It was a lot of joy, as I have someone to play with, and the classmate was a girl I liked. You might ask, what do I do with the powdered chalk? Simple answer, nothing, I just dumped it into a  trash can. It served its purpose as an entertainment anyway. Well, at the end of the year, I figured to powder different color of chalks and mixed them together in a little glass vial. It was quite beautiful actually. Like I said, it was silly. Yet, who cares? Plus, who didn’t have a silly childhood? The silliness is what makes it unique and something that we think again even decades pass.



2 thoughts on “The silly me

  1. These childhood memories, when everything wasn’t yet digital like it is now, are such priceless things to us in our twenties. Gives us the breath of fresh air amidst the stress and pressure of the fast-paced modern world.

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