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Happy Father’s Day to All Father

Happy Father’s day to all father. It is been another year. For most of the time, people seem to forget the existence of fathers, and emphasize the existence of mothers. It does not mean mother is not as important as father. They are both equal in my heart. I just sometimes feel quite sorry for fathers.

When it is mother’s day, there are advertisement, promotions, and events celebrate for it. If anyone is working in floral or has a chance to see how they work, you will know floral department of stores spend less effort on their father’s day inventory. I guess it is simply because fathers do not get flowers. I mean who would? They would like a beer if you buy them some. What people might usually do for father’s day probably is a simple gift or meal, and maybe a few hugs. That’s it. Does it mean they do not care or being ignored? No, I think we just hardly to think of a way to celebrate it.

Father plays a unique role of the family. On the one hand, he is the sheriff, the model of their children. On the other hand, they also have their sentimental face. I would say they tend to have a unique nurturing method.  I love my father. Though, I always have a hard time when it comes to special day like this, showing love to your loved one. I just couldn’t hug someone and say I LOVE YOU to anyone. I always find it awkward, and often lead to a question for myself, Am I emotional neglected or just do not love them enough? Either way is bad. Perhaps I can do it when the moment comes. However, I just do not want to hug for hug. It would make me much more uncomfortable for such purposeful action.

I hope the moment will come soon enough. And I really want to thank and say sorry to my father. Thank for being my father and sorry for being a bad son. 😦

I think that’s it for sharing. Again, Happy Father’s Day to All Father!!!


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