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Attitude leads to Success

First of all, I want to quote from MakeItUltra™,

Attitude is the glue that holds diligence and patience together

There are many types of success in the world. Someone may find it beneficial for their social connection/network by obtain knowledge from different field of study. Someone dedicates their entire life to master just one thing, like carpenter, scientist, blacksmith, etc. Either way, they achieve their goal with diligence and patience, which attitude plays a huge of it.

One day, I found something very interested about attitude on internet. First, we convert alphabet into numbers. For instance, A equals one, B equals two, and go on. Then, we find the numbers match the letter of attitude, A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. It turns out the sum of all is 100. I am not sure how the word attitude was formed if we trace back to the history, but it certainly contains a meaningful message here. A hundred in general indicates perfection. If our attitude is there when we are doing something, perfection is possible.

Attitude does not only beneficial to career advancement, but our life style. It is something can affect our life. Let’s draw a picture here. There is a visitor, possibly my uncle/aunt or even a potential life partner, to my home. What would the person think when he or she see the house is full of mess, untidy and dirty? First of, it gives a really bad first impression to the visitor. He probably wouldn’t say anything because of his courtesy. Yet, he certainly does not want anything to do with me if it is not necessary. Well, at least I will not be the first person he thinks of when there is something come up.

Scientifically speaking, having a good attitude would create a positive loop. When we do good, people appreciate and tend to be more engaged with us, which would increase oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. It facilitates bonding by reduce social fears and stress, and increase generosity, which is something we favored. Then it goes back to the loop. In conclusion, it is healthy for us both socially and personally. So why don’t we gear it up from this moment?



PS: I also think that it is much more helpful when our ability is parallel to our attitude. No one likes trouble maker, right?


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