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My Zones

Being a introvert does not necessarily mean the person shy, although I am in my case. Introvert tends to get their energy from themselves. And as a qualified introvert, qualified by myself, I’d say I am pretty comfortable who I am. Since some point of time, I start to build up a habit of finding my zone. For instance, when I first moved on to college from high school, I tended to walk around the campus, like a sheriff on duty, just simply inspect what the layout of buildings, and find a low traffic spot as my harbor.

I do everything on these harbor. I can have my lunch, do my classwork, watch videos, etc. The places are private enough to help me focused and enjoy my moments. Someone might ask, why don’t you go to the library? Actually, I have not been any library since I graduated from middle school. Well, I do not need to. I have every resources on the grid, the internet. If I am looking for articles for my essay or researches, there are databases for that. Many articles in ten years have already been digitized. And it is rare I need anything older than ten years considering my current level of education. Meanwhile, library is a bit of over-killed and over-study oriented environment to me. It is quiet for sure. I found it a good place for study sometimes as well. Yet, library in my campus is huge. The place is open for every one. I find it creepy when a huge amount of people stay quiet in a large, opened space. It sometimes stresses me out. Eventually, I can’t focus and keep looking around, which is missing the point to have a study environment.

In contrast, if you look at my spots , they are all compact, private place. Although I may sound self-isolated, these environment works best for me. Beside, how would the place beneficial for study if it is not self-isolated enough?

So, how would your favorite zone look like?




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