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Why hates Minecraft?

I loves Minecraft. as the matter of fact, it probably is the only game I have played for the longest period of time. Since the first day I got myself into gaming, I’ve played a lot of games. The genre of game I played goes from role-play, to action, simulator, strategy, sport, adventure, indie, and so on. Basically, I tried every single genre at least once. My favorite type of game is massive multiplayer online role-play game (MMORPG). I play this type of game very often. Yet, as my gaming experience growing, I become more demanding on specific feature of a game. Additionally, game manufactures tend to copy similar features of games to another. Games never be able to step out of a frame. It turns out there are only few of them I like the most. Thus, the longest time I stayed in a game was 3 months.

Minecraft, on the other hand, is a different story. I have been playing this game for three years. I stopped once a while for sure, because I wanted to try out some new games as well. But I generally get back into Minecraft a month or so. Compare to games I played before, I will never get back in once I quit. The bond I have with this game is so tight that I feel sad when I see people hate it. Although I understand it is their personal preferences, I can’t behold myself and try to convince people join me.

The moment on this game people have the most might against its graphic. It is true. Sometimes I have the same regret or hoping Mojang (the company run Minecraft) will upgrades its graphic some point. It never happens, and I think it will not ever happen, which is fine. The longer I play this game, I get more used to the graphic style. In fact, sometimes people just don’t understand or keep in mind of how Minecraft programmed. In contrast to many other modern game, Minecraft has little to none to do with graphic card. The game itself programmed with Java language, which eats our most of the resources from the CPU instead of the graphic card. Therefore, the game is still launch-able even if you have the crappiest graphic card in the world. The bottom line is to have a CPU powerful enough to run the game. By the way, the vanilla version of Minecraft does not even require much of CPU resources to run.

Despite its graphic, Minecraft is really a good game. It has no story line, but the creativity. You can do whatever you want. There are many people built some awesome structure in the game, like this YouTube channel here, FyreUK. I have to admit that, the vanilla version is kind of boring. However, there are tons of mods we can installed. These mods enrich the content of the game in a tremendous way. With these mods, you can build a factory, power plant, train tracks, nuclear power, and even play Harry Potter if you’d like. I always say the only limitation of this game is the player himself. In response to the graphic issue, it is no longer a problem with mods supports. We can install resources pack and HD mods to increase and change the resolution and style of the textures, which will give a whole different aspect of the game. It is like you are player a different game. So yeah, I really do not see the point to hate/dislike this game.


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