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My unusual companion

Companion in general refers to a person or animal, a living object, with whom spent a lot of time with. Though, I have my own special companion, a laptop. I bring it every where. I do not bring it because I am a businessman, or I need to do something with it. I bring it just because I want to. I feel like I am not secured without a machine that have access to the global information. People might said, why isn’t my phone instead of laptop? Certainly, smart phone is much more portable than laptop. You can call, answer SMS, browse the net, etc.

However, If I got to choose one between two, I would choose the laptop instead of a phone. It has a bigger screen, better sound system and graphic if I want to watch a movie, and most importantly, a bigger keyboard. One of the things I hated phone the most is the little keyboard it has. I understand I should not blame it. I just do not like it. It is not because I have think fingers or whatnot. It is just the most inefficient thing in the world, and I would prefer to use an actual keyboard to text or type anything. Just a simple question, how long would it takes to type out this post in phone with that tiny keyboard? Simple. One word, Forever!! You cant never beat two-handed typing with 2 thumbs. Plus, it feels much better with real key stroking, which sort of back up my previous post, Finally have my Android phone updated. I do not really give a shit of my phone.



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