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My Imaginary Robot

I am not a robot fan. Though, when I watch the show Battle Bot, I have an imaginary bot as if I am a part of the show. I actually think my idea is better than them. Maybe I am a bit naive since I do no know nothing about robot mechanic or the rules of the show. If the show give me the permission to make my bot based on my idea, I think it would not too bad.

I am not sure if the following features are the standard and the only qualifications to join the race. After I watched two episode of Battle Bot, I noticed all their design have something in common, such as giant spinning blade, car-like movement, smashing hammers or axes, and flamethrower. They are pretty violent and destructive. Like the flamethrower that could fried their components’ chip. Yet, protection is not enough. Perhaps because of my personality, I would like to make sure myself the last one stand on the field. Therefore, defense is my first priority. My design is simple, a shape of ball. Whenever there is an attack coming, the shape of ball will minimize the damage to the lowest by spinning. Also, in order to keep my bot rebound and get back into position quickly, a stabilizer would come in handy. As the method of attack, I will choose to install a spring for jumping, and then use its weight to smash down the enemy. I will also install a drill inside the ball, and I will activate it only when I need to. Every parts of the ball works in this way. When it is not using it, it hides them. One of the biggest problem I could think of this design is that, it is too defensive and lack of offensive strategy.

Then I think of the second one, one that did not think of any practical feature, simply a dream.  The idea came from an anime, Beyblade: Burst, which actually evolved from a real life top. Something like this:


Again, this is simply a dream fulfillment of my favorite toy in my childhood.



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