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Long Distance Driving…

It has always been fun to watch road movies, such as Due Dates, Fanboys, and The Hangovers. They are just such a laugh bomb. In the movies, people do stupid thing, put themselves into a situation where create a lots of conflict, interesting one though. It is a great way to explore other’s life in different region. However, it is not so fun when I am the main character or driver.

I grew up in Hong Kong, China. It is a very compact city. I am able to finish my grocery shop within a block of distance. I can buy any household supply or daily commodities within twenty minutes walk or less. If I want to go from the very west of Hong Kong to the very east, it can be done in two to three hours with public transportation, such as bus, MTR, and tram. From this point, you may be able to imagine my frustration when I first arrived U.S. . It is huge indeed, and I mean it in a good way for most of the time. However, it always takes too much time to go from point A to point B. It wastes gas, pollute air quality, and most importantly, it is trouble to get in and out of the car every time. Compared to my way of transportation in Hong Kong, this is way ridiculous. And it is not very healthy when you sit on a chair for some quality time. This feeling got stronger once I learned how to drive and got my license.

In general, I considered any drive that is over thirty minutes as long drive. And any trip that is over an hour, that is really a voyage. Usually, my family and I will go to my cousins’ house, which locates in Austin from Houston, to celebrate Thanksgiving . It takes me three hours. Although I have tons of fun to go there every year, it would be nice if I can just teleport. For a guy like me, who is not really pleasant of long distance driving, it is just a torture. Well, it is kind of overstate, but it closes. Fortunately, I have companies sit next to me every time. So I am not as bored as I am driving alone.

With that being said, I am really admire people who can drive over 24 hours to get to a different state. I am sure the view must be gorgeous. But the boredom comes from the effortless hand or eye motion and still sitting position is what hurts most.


So What do you think about long distance driving?



2 thoughts on “Long Distance Driving…

  1. I love long roadtrips! Last thanksgiving we drove to New Mexico from Austin. We’ll be doing another long roadtrip this thanksgiving as well. And I once rode my motorcycle over 1,000 miles in a day as part of a motorcycle challenge. I’m lucky that I don’t get bored on the road, and neither does my wife. Our kids though… 😆

    We make the trip to Houston from Austin a few times a year. I like it a lot! We have a Prius that is currently getting 49.6 MPG so it doesn’t cost a lot. 🚗

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