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WordPress the Best!

The longer I keep posting on word press, the more I love to using it. Although I am still have difficult times to find a topic to write about daily, I am able to keep up the process because of the features it has. I am not trying to advertise word press, nor that I am worth to since I do not have a huge follower community. But the following is the features I like the most.

  1. WordPress Discover page – As a new member of this community, the most frustrated thing would probably be the lost of direction, this is a bolder fact if the blogger is new to this website and new to blogging. We have no idea of where to start, how to get followers, how to find new posts to read, etc.. With discover page, that are tons of great articles or posts from different website or blog site. On the comment section, we will find a lot of people shared with common interest. Not to mentions there are event posts that gather people together as a group, such as the daily posts event.
  2. Stats panel in My Site – This page offers the statistic of our blog, including the amount of people visit our blog and how long they stay  (not directly, but we can judge it by the amount of posts they read in their visits.) This would really give a idea of what to do next to improve our blog if the blogger is planning to become an aggressive blogger.
  3. Achievement system – This is also my favorite feature. In the achievement system, it will give you notification when you achieve certain goals. For instance, it will happen when you received 10 likes, 20 likes, or 50 likes, or when you obtained certain number of followers. As a not-so-motivated person in general, this keeps me going. It gives me a feeling of succeed. Small step, Big meaning. It also gives me a sense of being in a spotlight, that we have been taken care of or valuable to someone.

The last one is the only I care the most, not only the motivation, but the game-like feature as well. It entertains me. I can rarely see this  in other blogging site. If the site has it and I did not notice that, then the site should probably consider to make it noticeable too. Like WordPress, it pops up “Your best day for likes on Home Sweet Home“at the upper-right corner once I logged in today.


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