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Shopping really is not My Favorite Thing to Do

Shopping really is not my favorite thing to do. The shopping I am talking here is not necessary mean we buy something. Of cause, it probably is the ultimate goal. Essentially, people are willing to walk miles and hours just to watch the stuff they want. This is where I do not understand as a task-shopper. Whenever I shop, I am task-oriented.  It means that, I only go to shop when I know what I want to buy and able to pay. If I have doubt on whether I should buy that item, I will not even get out my door. That’s why I always have something with me when I am back from shopping.

Like today, I go to shop with my sister and mom. I wanted to buy something clothes, a jean specifically. So we went to a mall and started hunting. Because I knew exactly what I want, I finished my list very quickly, approximately within an hour. I was ready to go home. However, they seemed like just getting started. Although they bought the main item already, they got distracted by some other products in the mall’s displays. They started to walk around and literally went into every store just to take a look. Eventually, they only bought few things in four to five hours walk. I have to admit it is nice to spend time with my family. And I am okay to do this once awhile, just once awhile, probably once out of five times. I simply do not find it efficient and worth the time, especially for someone like me who follow them for hours.


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