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My Lovely Car

(I would say this is part 2 of my previous post, My Poor Car…)

Sometimes, we can tell if the person will cherish something more than it supposed to be. Five months ago, I bought myself a new car. It is also literally my first owned car. Before this new purchase, I had a Volkswagen Jetta 2008. But it was not mine. My mom gave me for transportation between school and home. Well, as a student, what else it could use for.

Hereby, I want to say sorry for my Jetta for not treating her well enough. I was not cared about it so much. Ever since I got the key, I can count the number of times I gave it a car wash with my ten fingers, within two-three years. And for most of the time, I was not even the one gave it the bath. I pay someone to do it, hand wash, and only when there was some car wash fundraising from school clubs around. I did not want to send it to machine washed as well, since there is a pretty big chance it will got stretched by the cloth. So it is my confession.

Till now, I kind of understand why people would crazy about cars, not only their performances, but the ownership. Of all different kinds of way to obtain a car, ownership is what makes people excited. I am still lazy to give my car a bath that it deserves, which I think it is a habit I built from my last “ownership”, I give way more car wash to this new baby than my old car within these five months. People would treasure it like a baby, especially the first few months of the purchase. The price of the car is not what important too, although having a Lambo or Ferrari sounds bad ass. Like myself, I do not have a Ferrari. It is a Hyundai. That is the price I can afford. But again, it is the ownership what matters. And I have to say, I am satisfied what I’ve got so far.


PS: Oops, I just realize I had a similar post in different topic though. The one before was talking about that little dent on my car. Whereas this post is about my love of my car and the ownership.


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