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A Month Milestone

Today is 30th of June. A month ago, I started this blog to share my life, thoughts on different issue/topic. While I tend to write positive for most of the time, I have my moments. I complaint and express my disagreement on things. It does feel weird and shame to send out such negative energy out. It is weird because I post it on public, where actually no one knows me in real life. I can’t really expect any response from people. I mean, What do I want them to say? After all, it is none of anybody’s business. It is shame because it appeals the negative side of me. People may have negative image on me, especially for the first-time viewers of this blog.

Yet, I still posted them. Why? It is not because I do not care about people feelings. In fact, I tend to being someone good and meet other’s expectation in real life. How people feel is important to me. The reason why I am still doing this is because of the name of this blog. Meanwhile, it is one of my goals of this blog when I first started, beside the writing improvement one.

Originally, the name of my blog is Eric’s suite. Simple and direct. Then a few days later, I changed it to Home sweet home. People say this phrase when they find their comfortable place and being themselves. This is exactly the kind of attitude I am looking for. I want somewhere has no limitation to speak. Since the blog is built upon internet, I do not have to worry people judge me in real life. My family does not even know I have this blog. Though, it does not mean I am going to attack everyone and make enemies. Like the post or not, I just want a way to lower my frustration. The thoughts come from the frustration may be ugly. But please, take it in or come back next time when I post something nice. For real, we all have a impulse to complain about stuff from time to time.  Lastly, thank you for all the support, visits, likes from all followers and viewers. It means a lot.


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