World Builder’s Disease: Knowing the Sickness

This happened to me as well. I always over-fascinated by the world I created, and lost my focus of the story. Thanks for Quintessentialeditor’s posting

Corey D. Truax

world building.jpgDabbling as an editor I have had the pleasure of working with other writers.  For me, getting to be a part of the process of creation is very rewarding. However, it doesn’t come without peril.  Part of being an editor, much like being a doctor, is that you have to develop a sort of bedside manner. Well, some editors develop this.  Others might deliver information with a cold smile and shoulder shrug.  Regardless, when you look into the eyes of a vulnerable writer during review and utter, “My concern is that you have developed late stage World Builders Disease,” you need to be able to at least explain the nature of the sickness.  (Okay, I might not say it just like that – but I’m trying to make a point).

World Builders Disease

Some of you may already know, but World Builders Disease is basically when a writer gets so…

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3 thoughts on “World Builder’s Disease: Knowing the Sickness

      1. Glad you found something useful. I read somewhere, anyone who writes is a writer, so don’t worry about those labels and don’t be afraid to flex those writing muscles. Best of luck to you!


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