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In These Two Days….

I have been busy in these two days. I feel like I used all my energy of a week to deal with what happened in these two days, a job interview. Last week, I got a call from the company I want to work for, said they wanted to meet me and setup a interview. I was so excited. It was not easy to get a chance to set up the first interview considering the competition. I was very lucky. I got someone to introduce me to the manager. That was how I successfully dropped off the application directly on to the manager desk. Till last week, the manager called me back and setup a interview yesterday.

From the day I got the phone call to the day of interview, I prepared the possible questions that might be asked, memorized what I want to say, read information about the company, and pretty much about everything other interviewee would do. Not only that, I recall the mistakes I made from the previous interview, a interview from the same company but different location. I was well-prepared. Although I was still feeling nervous when I walked into the door, It was a excitement kind of nervous rather than a anxious nervous. At the end of the interview, both interviewers said that they liked my answer a lot and wanted to setup a second interview with me tomorrow, which is today. I was so happy. It does not only mean that I am half way success, but also give me the confident to do the rest.

Yet, here is how all things fall. I got myself the second interview, but I didn’t feel as good as the first interview when it ends. I have to admit that I am kind of over-reacted on the successful first interview. It can be one of the reason why I failed. Another failure factor could also because of the limited time preparation. Although I already know the questions going to ask in the second interview is going to be different than the first time, and I prepare the questions just like the first one, but the questions asked in the second interview is way more crucial and difficult than the first one. The question goes very deep into my personal life, which is fine since I am talking my experience. What got me trapped was the detail the interviewer looked for on each question. At the middle of the interview, I feel like I just got myself into a minefield. It was so dangerous.

If I have to score my performance on both interview, I will grade my first one as 9 and the second as 5 or 6. As the end of the interview, the interviewer who also happens to be the general manager of the store said that, I will discuss with A & B in the next week and get back to you.(A & B are the people gave me the first interview.) This is where I do not feel good of the overall performance. Because he is the general manager, he knows the other two likes me, and  if he really want to hire me, he could have just tell me the result. Anyway, what is done has been done. There is no a reset button. For now, all I can do is hope for the best.



Side question for viewers: Would you like to share your interview experience and how do you get into the career you are right now? Perhaps you can share your story in your blog? If you are going to, it would be great if you can link me in your post, so I know you have write about it.. Thank you


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