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Marketting in Work

I do not know what the average time of people stay in a store when they are grocery shopping, either if anyone ever pays attention to the advertisement or music from the intercom. However, as a worker in a grocery store, I can tell you those advertisement sometimes is quite annoying as well as quite effective for its purpose.

I go to work at 6 in the morning. The first step I stepped into the store, I heard a coca cola commercial, a DJ said something about coke and then said something lyrics on the bottle. I don’t quite remember the whole script, but that is the only part gives me the most impression. Why? I do not know. Perhaps it is because putting lyrics on a bottle is weird enough for me. Anyway, that is not the point yet. Advertisement is not something really special. Everyone probably has their favorite one. I pretty like the coke commercial until I work in the store for the following eight hours. The same commercial replayed at least nine times in two hours. The length of the commercial is about 1-2 minutes. It means I had been listening the commercial for 9-18 minutes in two hours. People might think the tracks should be rotating. Apparently, it is not.

As of the result, I think of coke even when I am bathing before I am writing this post. I do not want to drink it yet. The thought of the product implanted in my mind is influential enough to its potential customer.For someone like me, if I want to get a soft drink, my first thought would probably be Coke. I think there is a name for this strategy in psychology too, the neuro-linguistic programming. Despite its annoyance when it replays dozens times, the marketing used here is successful. It forces me to think, how much money Coke pays to replay the commercial in a location store for so many times. I do not believe it is simply a coincidence. I have worked there long enough to know the playlist is far longer than that. This is less likely to happen even if they shuffle the playlist. Of cause, it is possible. I just have a deep doubt about it.


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