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Happy Holiday

Happy Fourth of July, peeps. Today is good day. It is not only because it is the Independent Day of America, but a holiday as well. Though, the fact that it is a holiday is more important than what it celebrates. I respect the meaning of the holiday, the spirit as well. It does not mean I will get really excited about it. Seriously, you cannot really ask too much from a immigrant who grown up in his country for 16 years and only has been living here for 6 years. I know I should since I am a part of this new country. But I am sorry. I simply do not have as much feeling as the America-born American. However, I would still like to thank for the contribution of the founding fathers of this country.

Like I said, it is more important to me to have a chance to get a day off, doing  nothing. Especially, I have been working since last Tuesday. Six days in a row, non-stop. Although I enjoy my work, I feel kind of sick of it when I am doing everyday. It is likes only eating bread for six days. Regardless how delicious it is, we all will feel sick of eating bread, right? So yeah, I am happy for my day off tomorrow. Now you might ask, why am I going to do in this holiday? Great question. I do the same as all student does, nothing, or I should say something less productive. At the morning, I help a psychology lab I volunteer to run some participants. Considering the topic we are exploring, I cannot wait to see the result. Afternoon, I go back home. I read, play games, and write this post. For dinner, we are going to cook some steaks too, boil some corn and make some smashed potatoes, my favorite. That is my day. Simple and peaceful. I would not say it is a perfect way to spend a holiday, but it is good enough. Sometimes, happiness can be really simple, it is a all or nothing thing. As long as we are happy, then we are happy. There is no really a difference between extremely happy and slightly happy. How can we tell anyway? It is not like there is a way to measure it.

Lastly, Happy Fourth of July to everyone. Or for those are not American or don’t give a shit about it, Happy another lovely day. 😀   PEACE


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