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To deprive a man of his natural liberty and to deny to him the ordinary amenities of life is worse then starving the body; it is starvation of the soul, the dweller in the body.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Almost in every society, there are some kind of deprivations, such as liberties, rights, and from varieties of sources, such as deprivations from the government, from groups of people. Unfortunately, deprivations from groups is difficult to prevent especially when the population size of the group is larger than others. That is just the nature of human. Hates and loves omnipresent since we are never living in a utopia. Yet, the kind from government is the most abominable kind. I felt strongly about this when I saw a news from Hong Kong.

Let me give you some background first. In China mainland, the government has a list of restricted/ banned book list. The book on the list is not necessarily evil. Well, at least the government think they are, because some of them will degrade the public image of the government. It is all cool to here. You cannot really blame the list since they have the power or right to do it based on its communism setting. What does not make sense or get me angry is what the government did to Hong Kong book seller.

Between  October and December of 2015, five shareholders and staff of a book store called “Causeway Bay Book Store” disappeared in succession. The book store is well-known to be selling political books. Numerous people from mainland go to Hong Kong and buy books from the store. Because of this, the government took action. Eventually, all victims were confirmed that they were grounded by the mainland authorities. This incident is fine if Hong Kong is completely under the control of China. However, when China gained back the ownership of Hong Kong at 1997, the government promised to allow Hong Kong to keep its constitution created during the colonization of Britain for fifty years. Therefore, technically, they cannot do such things. There are rumors that some involved victims were taken in the Hong Kong territory. This is completely violate our autonomy that was compromised at 1997. It deprives out liberty and rights as well.

To be honest, after incident, I do not think it will take fifty years. I am not even surprised if Hong Kong completely occupied by the mainland government within ten years. Mainly. it is because we have a pro-china chief executive. There are more and more cultural changes made in Hong Kong. The most significant would be the popularization of the use of simplified Chinese. People in Hong Kong are fighting hard for this. There are protests, and conflicts between the officials and citizens. And this is something I would still look into even while I am not in Hong Kong in person.


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