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When Lesson Learned after Hundreds of Deaths

When lesson learned after hundreds of deaths, it is all too late. Sure the incidents are tragedy, and we shall all remember that. Yet, optimistically thinking, these people weren’t died for nothing. Rules and policies changed because of the tragedies.

As I was suffering the internet purposelessly, my mouse moved to a link to a documentary called the Mayday or Air Crash investigation. It was episode 3 of season 16. The accident discussed in the documentary was the Tenerife airplane accident. On the day of the accident, the weather was fogged. It was a much more serious condition when the airport itself built on place where actual cloud could appeared on the runway. Therefore, the visibility was very low. The controller made his guide based on the radio communication. When two giant jet were at the end of each side of the runway, the one from Holland took off without clarification of clearance. And eventually, two jets hit on the ground, caused over 500 death, supposed the largest aviation accident in the history. Based on the investigation report, the causes of this accident were the different usage of control tower language from different region or country, the twisted flight experience of the captain who had no real life flight experience in the past three year, and the radio signal interruption caused by the same time usage of both plane (they were using the same radio channel). Because of these factors, lives gone.

The safety rules and procedures were revised after the incident, and the number of accidents has decreased. The tragedy above were just one of them. Very often, we do not pay attention on small details until the huge cost had been made. Another most significant one I could think of is the nuclear explosion during World War II. Countries agreed to stop using it. We could never prevent them to invent it, though, whether secretly or on the table. People always say learn from mistake. How big of the mistake does it take to allow us to learn from it actually? I hope the answer is as small as it could be, especially for national incidents like above.


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