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The hug of the century!

The video shared by World in Your Eyes touches the string of my heart.

As stated at the beginning of the video, the kissing from the lion was truly “love no border”. The appreciation from lion suppress its nature as a predator. Sometimes, the genuine of animal is greater than human, or what we called ourselves the high intelligent lives. At some point, it is not such as good thing to be high intelligent. Sure it provides the advantage of being the dominant on earth. Yet, things get complicated or go wrong when we are capable to think in different angle and a more complicated way. For instance, human is capable to have doubt on other’s kindness action. When a person gives his hand to us, he probably wants something from us, or he is just having a good mood and willing to help people. Who knows? There is a saying in Buddhism, “all the vexation, irritation, and agonies are came from ourselves.” This is because we tend to link all the information, events and emotion all together, to make a bigger problem.

World in your eyes

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