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The Greatest App ever!

As the society growing, technology is evolving. Innovations are invented to a whole new level. Recently, I found an app on Play Store, called the Pokemon Go. This game stunned me with its features and game play. It fills the  gaps of my childhood.

As we grown up, we are facing challenges everyday. This is the moment we cannot help ourselves to think of our childhood. I love fantasy stories, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes, you name it. When I sink myself into these amazing stories, there is always a question comes out of my mind, Why isn’t our world like that? Or, how good could it be if we are the main character? Yet, the reality failed me. We are living in a technology-driven civilization. We know we are going to explore the endless space sometime from now. Artificial intelligent, drones, cloak technology, or anything that is in Star War are all possible. Magic? Sadly, no.


The thought above has never stopped, especially when I see another amazing fantasy world. And this is what makes Pokemon Go my favorite. Correction, it might be many people’s favorite. In the game, it generates a fanteality (fantasy-reality) environment on the phone using GPS and camera. As the player/ trainer in the game, I need to walk around street and find the hidden Pokemons. I can catch it, train it, and battle with people, just like the anime. ISN’T IT AWESOME? Now, imagines to combine this game with the visual reality goggle. That is something real. Even when we know it is not real, we would rather to think it is. It is not because how corrupt or broken we are. We are simply chasing the lost of our childhood, fill up the gap. One problem is that, because this game is new and not so well-developed yet. Bugs and flaws exist. Yet, I would still keep track on its update and willing to see how it goes in the future. Based on the player base of the game, the developer should not just stop right here. More patches and fixes will be coming. Overall, I would give 9 out of 10 stars to it.


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