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One thing I cannot live without it

Since the day I have my memories, which is when I was five year-old, there is one thing put on my face that I cannot live without it, a pair of glasses. For some reason, I was quite obsessed about glasses. It is not because of the fashion of it. I was just curious when I saw a person put something that is not belong to our face. So what happened very often was that, I would snag my grandma’s reading glasses and my parents’ glasses, and put it on. Yes, oddly, I am from a glasses family. Every single member of my family wear glasses. Anyway, at that point, I did not actually need a prescription glasses.I just thought it was a very funny thing to do, wearing others’ glasses. Till these days, I always joke around as if this is the reason how I got myself into the glasses community. Certainly, that is not only reason, my reading condition habit plays a part of it as well, for instance, the distant between my eye and the object I was watching, or the brightness of the reading environment.


As I am growing up, I wore many different glasses, I tend to keep my last one for spare, in case my primary glasses broken, like that one above.



This is my current primary pair of glasses. It is probably the one I wear for the longest as well. I have been wearing this since my second year in U.S.A.. That was four years ago. You can see it is pretty old. The white area on the leg is not light reflection. It is simply the color worn out. This reminds me I should probably get a new pair, so that I can have my eyes checked as well. Because I have not done this for four years, and in general, I should do it every year. I bet it is gonna be a whole new view of sight when I get a new one.


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