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Ask shamelessly


In China, there is a phrase says,”不恥下問”. It means to ask shamelessly. The phrase typically used in a way where people should obtain the knowledge by asking questions without hesitation, ignore others’ feeling, shameless. It is an attitude of learning. Personally, I think this is the greatest idea of learning. By asking question, we will have a stronger memory toward the information or knowledge. Because cognitively, it has been processes. We have analyzed it and thought about it.However, it is not a easy thing to do sometimes, especially the person we are asking has a lower status to us, such as big brother asking his little sister.

Yet, asking question shamelessly is not the hardest part. Accepting correction shamelessly from people has lower status to us is more difficult to get through. In the first condition, when we ask shamelessly, we at least already have some mindset preparation. We made the determination to do it. On the other hand, we are in a passive stage when we received correction from someone, without preparation. It is like the different between a person asked for others to beat him and others just feel like to beat the person. Certainly, I set the feeling of two condition in an extreme, so I am able to explain the different. But the “victim” will still feel some sort of humiliation based on how the corrector points out or approaches the mistake. It does not mean the mistake maker does not appreciate the correction. It is a pretty conflict feeling, the struggle between appreciation and being disdained. This something we have to get through. It is not easy, but it will be beneficial in the long term. Because we are only to learn from a mistake by acknowledge the mistake. Lastly, I would like to give another Chinese phrase as a closure of this post,  “人非聖賢,孰能無過 “. It means that, we all are not saint; we all make mistakes. There is nothing better than to correct our mistake.



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