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Adventure of Pokemon Go — Day 2

Since three days ago, I have been playing Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, the only place I explored so far is my work place, my home, and my neighborhood. It turns out that although I am at level 7, my collection is still quiet poor.


As you can see, they are all the basic Pokemon. The most frustrating thing is there are too many Rattata around my area. So eventually, it is the one of the two Pokemon I am able to evolve it. It is good to have something evolve. It expand my collection. Though, I would really prefer to have something else. I gotta say, rat is not a very pleasant creature to me, even if the anime beautified its appearance, make it somewhat cuter.

I was riding a skateboard for Pokemon adventure. It makes the process more efficient. I hate being slow. The speed of walking just simply doesn’t do any good for me. But the downside is that, I got caught up on skateboarding too much sometimes, and forgot to look at my phone. So when I was finally successfully hatched an egg, I could not see what I hatched. It was my first hatch, and I missed it. Shame on me. Anyway, the excitement is still there. I cannot wait for the second hatch. Hopefully, I can get something cool or special next time.

Today’s adventure ends here.                  (To be continue……)



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