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My New Toy

I have been considering to buy a new phone for awhile. On one hand, I really want it because my old phone (the one before I get this s7 edge) is S4, which is three generations old. It honestly breaks my record, the phone I keep for the longest time. On the other hand, I do not really want to buy it. It is kind of expensive in my opinion. It does not mean I cannot afford it. I simply do not want to spent such an amount of money at once. The angle and evil side of me has a fight for a very long time. Eventually, my Id overrules my ego. Thanks to Pokemon Go. It acts as a lead of all things happen.


When I was using my old phone to play it, the GPS signal is awful. Often, the location of my character in the map is ten feet away from my actual location. Appearance-wise, it has cracks after three years of use. So it is ugly and old, which forces me to think, why don’t I just get a new one? There it is. I made my decision within a day and bought it within an hour. Technically, this phone is still not mine yet. I have it on lease. Based on the plan I joined, I am allowed to swap my phone to iPhone 7 when it releases. Therefore, it is actually perfect in my situation. Though, I have to restart the payment when I swap a phone. It is not too bad since iPhone 7 is going to release on September, which is two months away. It means, if I do not like this phone and want a swap, I only loss 2 months of payment.

I like the phone so far. At least, it is way better than my old phone in terms of speed, display, camera, etc.. Yet, it does not serve its purpose for Pokemon Go. For some reason, this model freeze the game more often than my old phone. And it is a common problem. There are a lot of people have the same issue. Hopefully, the developer will patch an update soon enough, before I make my decision for a swap.


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