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New Law should be drafted

Based on the incident/ accident occurred when people were playing Pokemon Go and spent less caution on their surrounding, new law should be drafted, especially the one below:

No Pokemon Go when Driving

This is spoken from my experience, well, my friend’s experience. He was playing the game when driving, catching Pokemons, hatching eggs, and stopped by Pokestop. The game is addicting. And as a game player (I don’t want to use the word, gamer, it sounds professional, which I am not,) I have the game turned on most of the time, whenever I have to walk. I even have a power bank plugged in, just in case my phone is out of power. Though, this is not an excuse to dismiss our mistake, and risk our life. Fortunately, he did not get hurt since he drove very slow to spin the Pokestop. He was still losing money on car repair. This really has to stop.

This is something I love and hate the game at the same time. It will distract one’s attention very severely. I noticed this stronger in these few days. Therefore, I set a rule for myself. My bottom line is, no Pokemon Go when driving as if no texting when driving. I will not even turn on the game, or the GPS. Because I know I will look at it. On the other hand, we will not level up the character any faster by doing so. The exp we missed on the road can be made up very soon. Therefore, there is no reason to risk it.



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