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This Dude is Awesome

There are hates and loves on the internet. Sometimes, it just amuses me a lot, big time. It makes my day. Just now, I saw a post from Facebook, posted by Garrett’s Gifs To The World.

Before I show the picture, please allow me to give some background here. In Pokemon Go (yes, I know. It is Pokemon Go again. I am sorry, but this is my favorite game for now,) we hunt Pokemon in the wild, train them, and battle. Another special feature of the game is the egg hatching system. It actually requires you to walk to hatch the egg, which I do not see the relationship between hatching and walking. Aren’t it supposed to sit and hatch? Anyway, why do I so serious about it? It is just a game. Back to topic. So because of this system, there are lazy people invented some way to trick the phone to think they are walking when they are not. Like the video below:

The idea in the video is brilliant. It is a perfect technique for lazy people. There are also people to suggest to use drones. Perhaps it was because the record player was mentioned in the video, and people try to find something to replace it. Someone then came up an idea, which is also the reason why I love that Facebook post so much.


Ain’t that funny? Whether it is a troll post or not, I laugh at it real hard. I can’t even stop thinking about it when I was taking a bath. I hope you all enjoy this image just as I do.

Have a good day!



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