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Another Normal Day

Today is just another beautiful and peaceful day. Later, a news put me back down again. At 4 in the the morning, I woke up and made myself a nice pan-fried egg with some pancakes. Forty-five minutes later, I was dressed up and was ready to work. It only takes me about five to ten minutes to get to my work place.

I have gotta say, I am loving morning shift more and more. When I was first started to work there, I was usually the one to close. I worked from pm to 10 pm. It was not bad. I would say it is a easier shift. Yet, I do not like it is too easier. I do not like to stand still or work around when I am at work. Therefore, I always managed to find something to do, and make sure it is as its perfectest status as it can be. In the morning shift, it is much busier. It is good and perfect for people like me. I feel more accomplishment when working in the morning. Another reason as well as the biggest reason is that, I will have more time of the day to do my stuff. Well, it is not really true, but I have an illusion about that. By the time I get off from work everyday, it is 1 pm to 2 pm. I have the rest of the day. It is also a perfect shift if I want to meet friends in the afternoon in weekends.

So when I was off today, I went straight back home and have my lunch. Normal stuff. Then, I went for a Pokemon hunt in my campus. Ever since I came to US, I have not walked so long distance. I do not have to! We drive everywhere. It feels good to sweat again. Something better happened. I met some more new friends. It is amazing how this game put strangers together. The ironic fact that, internet in general plays as an lead of isolation. Now, it actually puts people together, socializing.

After dinner, I saw more news about the France terrorist attack. It is not just a tragedy for Frenches, but also the country itself. I could still remember the last major incident happened not very long ago. This could really hurts the economy. There will be less visitors to the country, which lower the fluidity of currency from different country. Meanwhile, it lost trust from investors. I really hope it recovers as soon as it can, whether for the people or the country itself.


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