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The Depth of a Person


There are depth of everything, just the matter of how deep it is. So does human. Often, there are people around us who are unfathomable, or not being able to fully explored or understood.We never know what is in these people’s mind. It is actually the kind of person I want to know how it feels like to be a unfathomable.

Although this sounds like a self-compliment, I believe myself as a decent person. At least I never hurt anyone intentionally. Yet, I am not really good at self-control. It means that, my action or speech does not processed thoroughly before it occurs. For instance, my facial expression is very honest. It immediately reflects my emotion before I noticed it. It is not a big deal for most of the time. Though, it is awkward when it is honest at a wrong timing, a moment it should not be.

On the other hand, it does not mean that is the kind of person I want to be forever. Sometimes, thoughts flash across my mind at moments. If we look at all the successful people, such as businessmen, politics, charities, even the peace advocates like Gandhi. Self-control plays a huge part of them. Having a good idea does not mean everything. What matters is how we present it to the public, attract believers, and to accomplish the goal. Without the sane, the public will only label us as the crazy group. Everyone has dreamed of making a change of the world once, so do I. This is where the thoughts flash from. Nevertheless, I am happy who I am right now. There are still awkward moments. But I am glad I have friends and family who understand me, and provide support.


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