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Korean Drama: W – Two World


In my opinion, Korean really knows how to capture its audiences’ eyeball. Their creativity crashes on spot what People like. W – Two world is definitely the drama of 2016. W – Two World is a fantasy romantic story between Kang Chul, a main character in webtoon called W, and Yeon-Joo, a surgeon exists in the real world. Somehow, Yeon-Joo is able to travel between two dimension. Dramatically, did I mention the webtoon created by Yeon-Joo’s father?

Ever since I am a kid, I dream of jump into a story, be a part or even the main character of the story. This drama fulfills my fantasy. There are only two episode released for now. There will be sixteen in total. Therefore, I do not know what it is going to happen. Yet, it is on my follow list now. The skeptical elements in the story are very revealing in the first two episodes. First of all, Yeon-Joo’s father is the creator of the comic. Meanwhile, he dedicates to kill Kang Chul because he thinks he is an evil. And then, his daughter is trying hard to save Kang Chul on every episode. To be honest, I do not really blame him. I am not surprised that I will go crazy when I see the character created by my hand suddenly has his own life.


Although the story just gets started, I think Kang Chul already knows there is something wrong about the world he lives in.

For instance, when he hospitalized on bed after he was saved by Yeon-Joo’s hand on the rooftop, he ordered his fellow to search for Yeon-Joo, claiming she was the key of his life.

Also, at the end of episode 2, after Kang Chul escaped from Yeon-Joo’s father hand (he drew a truck and hit Kang Chul), he looked at the sky and said, “who are you?” All these slots suggested that his instinct tells him something.

This is the first day I watch this drama, and I am really looking for it. I hope the following episode is coming out soon. I high recommended anyone who interested in Korean drama to watch this. Though, I am not sure where to find a source with English subtitle.

Edit: Thank aileen for providing the link for the drama with eng sub. 

W Ep 1 Eng Sub, Broadcast Network by MBC


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