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Big Cross-road in Life


I could not  get to sleep very much in this two days. There was a major decision I need to make by Monday. On Saturday, I was offered a position as an assistant department head. I was flattered. To be honest, I did not see it coming. I froze at the moment. All kinds of emotion crossed over to one another, mainly was the happiness and confusion. At first, I said yes to the store manager. But then, I returned back to her room and asked for few days for consideration.

Some of you might think it was stupid. It was right in front of me. Why didn’t I take it? All I need was a yes. And probably, there was the only shot I have to move up. Because once I turned them down, I will never get a offer again. They will not ask me either. Like I said, I felt happy for the recognition of my hard work and performance. Yet, the confusion held back me, forced me to think a bit more of the pros and cons.

First of all, I am a full time college student. I go to school for 12 credit hours, work 25-30 hours a week while in school, 35-40 hours when it is summer. It is all worked out pretty well. I have a balance between my life and school. If I take the position, I will need to be a full time worker of the store, meaning I have to work 40 hours a week. It is not fun to be a full time student and worker at the same time. It is doable. It is just hard. And I will have no life. That is the first reason.

Secondly, I am not confident enough. I know I can do it, although the work is going to be harder. There are other people in the department work in the store for a long time, longer than me. And eventually, they pick me, a guy who has only been work there for an year and three months. This is why I was flattered and happy too.

Thirdly, it is the commitment I have to make. Once I say yes, I will need to put my heart into in, make sure it is what I want instead of a reckless decision. Before I applied for this entry level job, I treated it as the stepping stone of another job, although I do not know why the other job will be. I am not planning to stay for too long. I do not want to trap myself in a company at such a young age either. Yet, when this opportunity came, a rare one,  I need to rethink the path I am going to take.

After I looked for some advice from my parent, I wanted to take the job now. The pros was way more than cons. They answered my concerns, especially the trapping one. They made a good point. It did not mean I will be trapped. Before I asked for the advice, I thought I will be a produce guy forever once I get it. But I forgot the fact that being in a management position was what matter in this decision. With this work history, I could have more job option in the future. Entry-level jobs would not be on my list no more while I am able to hunt for higher position. And with the management experience, I could look for another job in different field if I decided to quit. It looked good on the resume. Especially, I might want the money to support me for school, getting a master degree after my bachelor. After all, these are the thought I have so far. No matter what my decision will be, I hope for the best. You will be alright, Eric!


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