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I Took It!


I took it! Finally, I decided to take the job. It was so excited. I would never think myself actually did it, neither my other coworkers. Like I said, the previous ADH stepped down mainly because of the conflict between him and the store manager. Plus, he found another job that pays way more. Therefore, most of the other worker in the department said they would not take it. Though, I think they would still take it if they were in my point of view. I suspect the main reason of their rejection was that, their pay already reach the top, meaning that they already have a decent income, that they do not care about it very much. So this offer does not as tempting for them as mine.

My department manger was so surprised too. He thought I would not take it as well. Because he knew about my condition that I am a full time student. I was glad he was happy about the news. He seemed like more excited than me. After he knew, he shook my hand quite strengthly, and he also held his fist pretty firmly too. This is a good start. At least it means, department-wise, I have a good source of info on what to do. After a chit-chat, he immediately offered to show me the stuff I will need to know on Wednesday and Friday. This is getting excited.

However, I imagine it is going to be awkward to my coworkers and to me as well,  of that fact that, I am their boss suddenly. Especially, there are one and two we have quite a good relationship. More importantly, there is one who does not perform very well in general. On the one hand, I do not know to be a jerk, act like “oh, I am your boss now. Do this and that immediately.” Though I should, but I may not want to be like that at the first month. On the other hand, I want the department looks good too. It means that I have to do what I have to do when the time comes. I will have to learn not to be everyone’s friend as I used to be, which is probably what makes a manager special, the social skills required to handle the connection between their subordinate and their boss, and the customers. This is going to be tough.


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